Cornish Pasties for St. Piran’s Day

Happy St Piran’s Day! – In Cornish: Gool Peran Lowen! 〓〓

To mark the day I made some Cornish pasties earlier, using a Paul Hollywood recipe.

The pastry came out very well I thought. To make the pastry I mixed plain flour with lard, butter, salt and some water – kneaded it in to a dough and chilled in the fridge for half an hour.

I prepped the filling: potato, swede, onion and some beef. By this time the dough was ready to come out the fridge. I split it in to four and rolled out the dough. For each pasty I had a layer of swede, a layer of potato, a layer of onion – season with salt and pepper, add the meat then more swede, more potato, and more onion – season with salt and pepper again.

Then fold over the dough and seal the edges. I’ve not got the dexterity to make normal sized pasties so I made large ones (they can be cut in half if desired but my appetite requires a big pasty anyway). Brush with a beaten egg – and (on your marks, get set) bake! – 20 minutes at 180 degrees, then 30 minutes at 140.

The whole time I was assisted by my loving sous-chef: My lovely cat Ziggy.

I ate my pasty for lunch – and will take another in to work for lunch on Monday.

Have a great (rest of the) weekend.


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