Back In the Studio – Hooray!

Since 2020 I have been making my radio show from home – broadcasting each week from my home studio. Since last January (2022) I have been able to broadcast live but have still been doing my show from home – remotely connecting to the radio studio from home.

Now, Cirencester Radio has moved to a new studio. We are now located at the Kings Head Hotel, centrally located in the town centre of Cirencester. The studio space is considerably bigger than we had at Bingham House – and, being a hotel this comes with perks. Besides the reception desk being manned 24/7 (great from a security point of view) there is a bar – so I can get a drink before, during and after my show. This is also great when interviewing guests.

But I do love my home studio so rather than switch permenantly to broadcasting from the studio, I will become a hybrid broadcaster – doing the show once a week from home, and once a week from the studio.

Take a listen to my first studio based show at and let me know what you think. Can you tell I enjoyed being in the studio!?


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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