Day 5 – A Trip to Hamburg mit dem Zug

After the 4th day of work experience at Kindergarten Tegelhörn, I returned back to the house. The Sophie-Scholl Gymnasium was closed, and by the fact that both Matt and Tom were signed in to their Facebook accounts when I logged on to the computer, I figured that the Grundschules in which they were working were also closed.

We met in Itzehoe’s station at around 3:25. Gisela’s first question was whether anyone had brought their passport with them. A bit of an odd question, since we were only getting the train to somewhere in the same country. Anyway… since the bag I was using was the one I was using for handluggage at the airport also, I had my passport with me.

Gisela explained it was because for each group ticked we buy, someone on the ticked needs some form of ID… apparently its some form of cheap ticket which means we can get to Hamburg and back for not very many €s.

We had to change at Elmshorn, and the whole journey south to Hamburg Hauptbahnhof took about an hour, arriving there just after 4:20. We went to Hamburg’s Rathaus for some photos, and then we were told we had until 8 to do whatever we wanted, as long as we stayed in groups of 3 or 4.

I think Gisela was a bit concerned that me, Matt and Tom went on our own without a German with us (they had all stayed in Itzehoe). She asked us: “I trust that at least one of you have a sense of direction not to get lost here?” I was also told not to loose the ticket, and very quickly gave it to Matt so that I wouldn’t.

The first thing we wanted, was some sort of food and/or drink. We found one of those little huts that you often find in Germany… and had a small  helping of Currywurst (and the other 2 had some sort of local wein).

We then decided that we were still hungry, and headed for a pizza place. Probably not the best idea, seeing as pizza will be our evening meal tomorrow with the rest of the Engländers and Germans.

There was time for a little bit of “einkaufen gehen”… only “ein bisschen” though. I brought a couple of small gifts… won’t say what, because the people they’re for might be “lesen” this. We took a few photos, including one of the frozen river!

Got back about half an hour ago… and tomorrow, my last day of work experience, and our last night in Itzehoe.

Gute nacht.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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