Day 6 – The Last Night

The week is now over, and I have done my last day of work experience at Kindergarten Tagelhörn. Today, they had their “Faschingsfest” (carneval)… I’m still not sure exactly what it was about.

This evening, we all went to the Pizzeria Amadeus, opposite the historisches Rathaus that we were in on Wednesday. Tom and I discussed how our weeks had gone… how we’d accidently picked up the habit of applying German grammar rules (such as sending the verb to the end) even when speaking English!

Tomorrow, we return home. We will meet at the Gymnasium at 9:30 local time (8:30 UK time) and make our way to the airport. I think Lufthansa have pulled forward the check-in time by 1 hour – not sure why.

The others have all gone to some sort of house party in one of the nearby villages.

For me though… Gute Nacht.

Bis morgen, Cirencester. 😀

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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