Day 4 – The Town Hall

There has been more snowfall overnight. Its fallen on top of the snow which fell for most of yesterday, which fell on top of snow which fell before I got here.

But Itzehoe still functions as normal. This morning, I even had to walk to the Kindergarten, alone!

Its only half an hours walk away, and its only just up the road, and round a couple of corners (if that makes sense).

Gisela turned up at the Kindergarten at 9… by which time Frau Rickert had given me a job to do. The easiest one I’ve been given all week. I had a hammer, and a sort of nail type thing, and the sort of metal lids you find on glass bottles.

I had to use the hammer and the nail type thing to put holes into all the lids. As I said, its the easiest thing I’ve done all week! I’m still not sure what the lids with holes in will be used for – I think its something to do with an activiity the Kinder are going to do on Friday.

After Kindergarten, I headed back down towards the Sophie-Scholl Gymnasium where Arne met me and told me that he had finished lessons for the day. We headed back to the house.

In the afternoon, we walked down towards the town hall with Matt (from my class) and his host. We met up with the other Engländers and their hosts as well as our teachers.

Inside the town hall, the mayor (or soemthing like that anyway) gave a speech (in Gerrman – I don’t know what it was about, but I think it was something to do with the twinning between Cirencester/Itzehoe, set up in 1980.

We were then each given a small „Geschenk“ – an Itzehoe keyring and an Itzehoe pen. Great news for me – because I didn’t bring a pen with me!!! 😀 We also had something to drink… and that’s about it, really. One of the other German hosts drove Arne and I back to the house – we’d decided it was too cold to walk.

So… tomorrow is Hamburg, and then Friday we will all eat at „Amadeus Pizzeria“, opposite the town hall. On Saturday, we will leave an hour earlier than planned… Lufthansa have brought forward the check-in time.

Ich höre, daß es Wurst für Abendessen heute Abend ist!

Will write again tomorrow.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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