Time for A Rebrand…and Baking Cinnamon Buns

What lovely weather we’ve had this weekend! I’ve enjoyed sitting in our new Summer house which is a nice quiet spot to sit and read (and be able to hear the sound of birds and the water flowing in the pond). I might also use it as my ‘writing room’, my book being my background project for the year.

Exciting news! I’ve recently rebranded my radio show and tomorrow evening the new sound of ‘Fred On the Radio’ goes live. I’ve got 2 new jingle packages, one from Wisebuddah who have resung the jingles originally made for P10 Country in Norway (which went live on my show last week); and one from Reelworld who has resung the jingles used by VRT Radio 2 in Belgium. I’ve also introduced new voiceovers, recorded by Scottish voiceover artist Blanche Anderson, whose voice can also be heard on the BBC Radio Scotland jingles.

My first show with the new rebranded sound is tomorrow night (19th April) at 8pm – and I’ve already put it up on my ‘Listen Again’ service over at fred-hart.uk/radio.

In terms of baking….Today I’ve made some cinnamon buns. The BBC Good Food magazine was delivered over the weekend and so today I had a go at baking a recipe from the magazine. My cinnamon buns tasted good, but are a bit heavier than they should have been. Still enough to satisfy my sweet tooth!

Last week I also baked some very nice Italian bread – I use Paul Hollywood’s recipe for focaccia which works well. I served my Italian bread with my home made macaroni cheese, the two went well together – delicious!

Another BBC Good Food recipe to try during the week – treacle tart. Mind you, all I can think of when I think of treacle tart is the scene in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang where the childcatcher turns up! (And now I want to watch Chitty!)

Good night,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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