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One of my assignments at uni recently has been to complete a radio listening diary, keeping a note of what I listen to and making connections between what’s on the radio and what we’re discussing in lectures.

I’ve quite enjoyed doing it and so since March 1. I’ve also been running a ‘Radio Listening Blog’. This is completely separate to the assignment, and I hope to continue running it for a long time in to the future. The idea of it is that each day I will blog about something I’ve listened to on the radio.

Of course I can’t blog about everything that I’ve listened to on the radio – I listen to a lot of radio and if I were to write down everything I’ve listened to in one day, it would take all day to do so.

So if you’re interested, please do follow my Radio Listening Blog. You’ll see that over the 17 days I’ve been running it so far, I’ve already built up a range of entries about several radio stations ranging from 612 ABC Brisbane in QLD (Australia) to local commercial radio station Total Star 107,5 and (of course) my favorite station BBC Radio 2.

There will be another blog update to come tomorrow, so keep your eye on it!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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