A Laptop of My Own

As the studio technician for Corinium Radio, I look after the radio station’s laptops when they are not in use.

This basically means I use the laptop as well as storing it at my house…

I have my own desktop PC which is very good, but its not portable. So the Corinium Radio laptop has found itself being used more and more since I’ve been at uni – I use it in lectures so I can type all my notes instead of write them by hand, I use it to do my Tone Radio show to play all my music, and when I return home every weekend the laptop comes with me so that I’m not without Internet access at home.

Given that the laptop is Corinium Radio’s and not mine, I’ve now decided that I should probably get a laptop of my own. And I have done – a similar spec to one we brought Mum for her birthday last weekend. Slightly different make though, and slightly cheaper – you know what students are like with money!!

Home delivery next Saturday morning… and then I’ve got three whole weeks off uni to get used to using my laptop.

I’m looking forward to having a laptop of my own. It’ll be a lot faster than Corinium Radio’s one, which has next to no RAM, I can set it up how I want it, and I prefer Windows 7 to Windows Vista.

This does not mean I will stop using my Windows XP desktop that’s in my halls of residence at uni. That will always be my main PC, because it runs extremely well and has a very good sound card. But what this does mean is that I’ll be using a laptop that is my own when I go to uni, or to visit grandparents, in the knowledge that I can continue to use it even after I leave Corinium Radio several years down the line.

I’ll keep you updated!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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