An Update on My University Application

This Saturday Mum and I got up early, and went to Cardiff – about 90 minutes drive from Cirencester.

One of the universities I have applied for is of course the University of Glamorgan. I have applied for their BA (Hons) Radio course.

Saturday was the Applicant Day, which gave lots of useful information on funding/tuition fees etc, as well as an overview of the types of accomodation available.

Then was the radio-specific bit, and we went up to the radio studios where one of the tutors spoke about the content of the course, the links with radio stations such as GTFM and Radio Cardiff, and the student radio station Tequila. There are no interviews for the radio course – I have in fact had a conditional offer since November.

One of the halls of residence is just over the road, above the multi-storey carpark. They had a couple of show rooms, so we were able to go and have a look – this was the TPH building (I won’t try typing the full name – its a bit Welsh).

The day gave me a good idea of what facilities are available at Glamorgan, and was useful in helping me decide which university to go for when all the offers (hopefully) come in.

Next up: in the middle of February I have the interview for the University of Gloucestershire‘s Radio Production course. That’ll be the last one before I’ve heard from all unis/courses. So hopefully it won’t be long before I’ll be able to choose my firm/insurance choices.

Now… it’s getting late – I’m shutting down my computer for the night.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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