The Last Week of November…

The last week of November is about to start! 😀

There’s a lot going on this week! The Corinium Radio broadcast is almost upon us – make sure you tune in between 8 and 10 for ‘Bits of Breakfast’, this Friday morning from 8am. Also, my live programme, ‘Music from the Decades’, this Saturday evening from 9pm.

Behind the scenes, I have been doing lots of technical work towards the radio; on Friday I returned to primary school to record some audio for Sunday’s edition of News from the Schools, and tomorrow evening I will be going to set up our studio…

In college, I have a major piece of IT coursework due in on Friday; I’ve nearly finnished it. And then I’ve got to print it – this could take a while.  And it’ll be expensive. Dad hasn’t brought any paper for the printer at home, whilst it costs around 24p to print in college! 🙁

I’ll try and write again at some point in the next week.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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