BBC Local Radio on the iPlayer

BBC Local Radio is something that I have enjoyed listening to for about 3 years now – it offers good quality local content and mixes it with different styles of music (old and new).

Now, the local radio section of the BBC iPlayer has been improved. As some iPlayer users may be aware, BBC Local Radio has been part of the main iPlayer system since last November; but only in the Realmedia format.

That all changed today – with the Flash MP3 format now extending to all 40 of the BBC’s local radio stations. The BBC’s Ian Myatt said:

The improvements don’t stop there, in the autumn we will be upgrading all of our live radio streams to the AAC format, and for WiFi radio users we’ll also be offering streams in Windows Media.

Quoted from the BBC Internet Blog

Being someone who listens to BBC Local Radio online alot, this is excellent news… the audio quality of the Realmedia streams isn’t brilliant… I will look forward to the day when the live streams no longer require Real Player.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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