A Barbequeue with Greek Food

Greek SaladAs regular readers of this blog may know, I attend a Greek class on a Friday afternoon. From these classes, a group of locals all with interests in Greece and the Greek language recently got together to form a “Greek group”. We all organise different events connected with Greece and the Greek language.

Last night was the 2nd meeting of the Greek group; we all got together for a BBQ. With a difference: the food was Greek. Everyone had a σουβλάκι (souvlaki), τζατζίκι (tzatziki), γίγαντες (giant baked beans) and ψωμί (bread) which anyone could help their self to, and people were invited to bring their own.

I actually recieved the e-mail invitation to the BBQ whilst I was in Greece, so my family took a trip to a mini-market whilst we were out there: we brought back some ρετσίνα (retsina) and βυσσινάδο/βύσσινο (sour cherry juice – its got a nice taste but unfortunatley you don’t seem to be able to get it outside Greece).

My parents also prepared some κολοκοθάκια (courgettes), sliced and mixed with herbs and a sauce; very popular as a starter in Greek tavernas… and using apples from our apple tree, Mum baked an apple cake. Its not Greek, but we couldn’t fine a recepie for μηλόπιττα (a sort of Greek apple pie).

The BBQ took place at Crickley Hill Country Park, which is not far from the Air Balloon roundabout on the A417/Leckhampton Road. Its a good location where you have views over Gloucestershire and towards the Malvern Hills.

If you’d like to visit the same BBQ site that we used, you can get directions from Google Maps.

The photo used was created by Flickr member serenejournal, and has been used under a Creative Commons license.

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