Music from the Decades

The Corinium Radio broadcast is now exactly 1 month away… and since this year I have no school/exams either side of the broadcast I will be able to focus on preparing a really good edition of ‘Music from the Decades‘!

The next edition of the programme will be broadcast on Saturday 4 June (1 month tomorrow) between 9 and 11pm. This year we will play music from Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Script, Coldplay and Jamie Cullum.

Luke will be testing me on my knowledge of music from recent years, and I’ll be testing Luke on his knowledge of music from not-so-recent years. In both cases, there will probably be  a few e-mails from listeners telling us our information is wrong!

If you would like to get a mention on the radio – get a track* dedicated to a friend/family member then you can e-mail me before the show on or on the night on

A preview of the programme was recorded by me and Luke last night and this will (hopefully) be put on to the sustaining service to advertise the programme. You can hear the preview/promo yourself by clicking here.

* = no specific tracks please, the music has been chosen in advance.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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