The End is In Sight…

In the last week I have used my bike more times than I normally would in a month! The reason for this is exams. Having left school on May 22 I was left in the situation of having to get to school at ‘odd’ times of the day – when my parents would both be working.

Particularly on days when I’ve had 2 exams, using my bike to travel around has been very useful as it means I can get to/from school in 15 minutes, half the time it takes me when I walk, so I have saved at least 30 minutes a day using my bike instead of walking!

I’m now down to my last 2 exams: both of them are 40 minute Science ones. My next exam is Friday 19 and my last one is Monday 22. I won’t be using my bike as much from now on, as I won’t have anywhere to go.

But I will be using it to get between home and the Corinium Radio studio next month.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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