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Its the end of month 5 and time for another update on the statistics for Fred Hart Online. I’ve had higher visitor numbers than usual this month which is good news for the site; it shows that everything’s working!

In May 2009 there were a total of 366 unique visitors who visited a total of 679 times throughout the month. This averages 1.85 visits per visitor.


There was an average of 21.9 visitors per day throughout the month; the highest number was 79 on May 30. This statistic may be because of changes at BBC Radio 2 involving Mo Dutta and Pete Mitchell (see the top 5 search terms). The lowest statistic was 4 on May 13. To view the whole month’s statistics as a graph, please click here.

International Hits

As usual hits are coming from many different international countries. The most hits have come from within the UK but I have also seen visitors coming from as far away as South Korea, Russia, China and Saudi Arabia. You can view a full list as a PDF document by clicking here.

Most Viewed

The 5 most viewed pages in May 2009 were:

Internet Browsers

87.5% of visitors to Fred Hart Online used Mozilla Firefox whilst only 8.7% used Microsoft Internet Explorer. 0.1% used Netscape. Hits from other Internet browsers made up 3.5% of the total hits.

Search Terms

The top 5 search terms used to find the site were:

  • Mo Dutta leaving Radio 2
  • Mo Dutta
  • Mo Dutta Radio 2
  • Fred Hart
  • Why is Mo Dutta leaving Radio 2?

It is clear from looking at the full list of 87 search terms that the bulk of this month’s hits have come from people looking for Mo Dutta’s Radio 2 show, which broadcast for the last time on Saturday May 30 – the same date the site received the largest visitor numbers for any day in May 2009.

See Also

You can also compare these statistics to:

That’s it for this month – I’ll do the same again in July. I’m off to a maths exam, and I’ll write again soon.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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