The Great British Weather

Its not often that the United Kingdom gets the type of weather I would be happy with in Greece, so this weekend is a very unusual one! The temperature read out on Steve Wright In the Afternoon yesterday was 25°c whilst in Athens the forecast temperature is 28°c.

The good weather is set to continue across the UK for Saturday, Sunday and then into the week when temperatures will start to fall: the forecast for Cirencester on Wednesday shows a temperature of 18°c.

Radio 2 listeners this morning may have heard weather forecaster Jim Bacon talking to Mo Dutta this morning and Jim talked about the reason why visibility is very good in this heat.

The reason is that the air over the UK is very dry and comes from a not-very-polluted area of Europe, so is very clean. Had the air over the UK come from the South it would be coming from more industrialised countries such as France and Germany and more pollution would have been brought over with it.

The air will change during the week, so come Wednesday we’ll be breathing air lent to us by France and Germany!

Enjoy this weather… especially if you’re not going abroad this year! I’ll write another blog post soon. Day 1 of June on Monday, so my website statistics will be posted at some point then!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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