Current Location: Venda do PinheiroÁrea Metropolitana de Lisboa (Greater Lisbon Metropolitan Area) – Portugal

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Yesterday I met up with my cousin Victoria, who lives about 10km from where I am staying. After a lovely lunch we went for a bit of a drive to visit Ericeira and Mafra.

Today I visited the Portuguese capital Lisbon (or Lisboa in Portuguese). I drove as far as the cruise terminal where I was able to park – there it was an easy walk mostly through the narrow streets to Castelo de S. Jorge (St George’s Castle) – and also along the coast towards Praça do Comércio (Commercial Square), where I sat and had my packed lunch, before going in search of a Portuguese egg custard tart – a Pastel de nata. I should really have gone in to Belém for that….

I liked Lisbon and particularly the narrow streets going up the hill away from the coast. It felt like a small, compact city – a little bit like Athens or Nicosia in some ways – rather than a large urban expanse which goes on for miles and miles and miles (looking at you, London).

After so much walking around the city I felt like I needed to sit down so I got in the car and went to find a beach. Cascais had been recommended but to me, when I got there it felt a bit too close to the city so I continued along the coast and foud Praia do Guincho – a popular surfing beach with the Sintra national park behind, and it also featured in a James Bond film! I’d have stayed longer but it started to rain….I’m doing Sintra tomorrow though so might well be able to come back.

Tomorrow is my last full day in Portugal! The time I’ve spent here isn’t enough to see everything but I have enjoyed visiting a country I’ve never been to before. (Nice to get out of my comfort zone – Greece/Germany/Belgium/Netherlands/France) for a change).

Boa noite,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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