Sintra, Mafra and Back to Spain

Current Location: An AirB&B on the border of Salamanca / Zamora Provinces, Castilla y León, Spain

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2 Blogs in one today!

Tuesday: Sintra

My morning swim at the pool has become a bit of a habit now. I will miss this place when I leave!

Today I drove in to Sintra, a lovely town not far from Lisbon famous for its castle, the palace, and the natural park.

It was busy but I missed the worst of the traffic. After I parked and walked in towards the centre I could see the traffic jam forming already.

I enjoyed walking around the historic centre, and also visiting the National Palace. On a hill above the town is the Pena Palace too – Quite a long walk though – it took me about an hour!

Next I went to the beach – Just a 20 minute drive from Sintra I found Praia das Maçãs (Apples Beach!) where I sat and had some lunch, read my book, and paddled a bit. (No swimming, the lifeguard had the red flag up).

Rounded off the evening my calling in to see Victoria and Manuel and eating salmon for dinner.

Today’s Mileage: 72
Total Mileage: 1646

Wednesday: Malveira to Salamanca

I spent the morning by the pool and didn’t want to leave – but the time to leave Portugal had arrived. I left at about 10:30 and my first stop after leaving the apartment was Mafra – famous for the Palácio de Mafra which is a very grand building in the centre of the town. It is very impressive!

My beach choice for today was Praia Da Calada, which made a nice spot for lunch and to read the last couple of chapters of my book.

Then I set off for Salamanca, in Spain – a 5 hour drive. I arrived just after 21:30 (Spanish time – 1 hour ahead of Portugal). I’m in an AirB&B tonight, hosted by a Spanish-Italian-Swiss family. How international!

Today’s Mileage: 364
Total Mileage: 2378

Have a good Thursday everyone,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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