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Current Location: Venda do PinheiroÁrea Metropolitana de Lisboa (Greater Lisbon Metropolitan Area) – Portugal

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Ferragudo to Malveira

After the awful weather yesterday morning, it was actually a pleasant surprise to wake up to hot sunshine, and have breakfast on the balcony – 7:30am in already baking hot sunshine.

Wanting to make the most of the sun after leaving my room I headed to the beach to spend the morning there. Instead of the Praia Grande where I’ve spent most of my beach time in Ferragudo this time I went to the Praia do Pintadinho, just down the road from my room.

Wheras the Praia Grande is within the river mouth of the Arade, the Praia do Pintadinho is actually facing on to the sea – the Atlantic – and there were waves. This made getting in and out quick. I quite enjoyed jumping in and out the waves.

I did however catch the Sun a little. It has to happen at least once during a holiday. More Sun creme tomorrow!

After I’d eaten lunch on the beach I packed up the car and set off for my next destination. I’m writing this today sitting on a comfortable sofa in the living room of my rather large apartment, complete with a full kitchen, in Venda do Pinheiro which is just outside Malveira – part of the Mafra district, within the Greater Lisbon Metropolitan area, and approx. 30km from Lisbon itself.

There’s a lovely salt water pool here, there’s cats, birds, fish, lemon trees, and loads of green space. It is really quite peaceful.

Off to visit my cousin tomorrow. 4 days here won’t be nearly enough to see everything in the area but it may plant the seeds for a future visit to Portugal.

Boa noite,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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