What a busy day! This morning I got up early to go out on my bike – I rode the back-route (The Whiteway and Welsh Way) to Barnsley and back again.

Afterwards I went in to town, I bought myself a mixer with a dough hook so I can work with some different types of dough when I’m baking. I then used my new mixer to make my lunch – home baked baguettes.

My recipe made 4 small baguettes which worked well. The dough for baguettes is wetter and sticker than when I am making normal loaves of bread, hence the mixer (imagine the mess I’d make in the kitchen doing it by hand!)

The two baguettes on the top shelf on the oven were perhaps a little overdone but the ones on the bottom shelf were just right.

Next week I’m going to try a sourdough loaf – My sourdough starter is fermenting now, I’ll ‘feed’ it during the week, and it should be ready for me to use next weekend.

Good evening,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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