Muddy Walk & Cooking Dinner

Yesterday I went with Mum & Corrie for a nice but very muddy walk in Sapperton.

We certainly got the best part of the day with some nice sunshine. In my coat and scarf I felt at times like I’d put on too many layers.

In the evening we had a very tasty Austrian ?? meal. I cooked a home made Wiener Schnitzel (made with pork Mum and I had bought from Waitrose earlier in the day) using a recipe from one of my Rick Stein recipe books, we served our meal served mit Kartoffeln (potatoes).

I enjoy watching Rick Stein’s TV series – I’ve got 3 of his books, but don’t cook as much as I should (baking bread is what I do more often) – but perhaps I should cook dinner (or lunch) more often. 🙂

Have a good Sunday 🙂


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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