A-Z of My Favourite Holiday Destinations: Rüdesheim

I first visited Rüdesheim on a school trip in 2006, and returned during my first road trip to Germany in 2017. (It is really only 3 years I’ve been routinely driving abroad!?)

Located within the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan area on the banks of the Rhine river, the winemaking town is a major tourist town in the area, not too far from Loreley, Bingen and the city of Mainz.

In May 2017 the weather in Germany was warm and Sunny and I spent a lot of time during that holiday sitting in cafés drinking Eisschockolade. Rüdesheim was no different and I felt like I was in Greece at times!

If you want a great viewpoint to go to, try the Seilbahn lift which takes you up to the Niederwald monument. If you’re in to museums, I remember the school trip 14 years ago took me to Siegfried’s Mechanical Museum which was interesting.

Photos of Rüdesheim below.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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