A-Z of My Favourite Holiday Destinations: Prespa

It seems a lifetime ago but only 4 months ago I was in Greece in the middle of winter.

While staying in Kastoria in the North of the country I drove up to the Prespa National Park and enjoyed the Prespa lakes by the Albanian and North Macedonian borders.

The village of Psarades, looking out towards the 3-border point in the middle of the lake, was a particular highlight. For a winter day it was surprisingly busy with tourists, with people crossing from Albania and North Macedonia to spend their Sunday lunch time in Greece.

The view over towards the North Macedonian border was also very nice…

Another highlight while I was in the Prespa National Park was the village of Ag. Achilleos, accessed only by a floating bridge over the lake…

My day trip to the Prespa National Park was certainly one to remember!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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