Life In the Fast Lane

I drove on the motorway today – for the first time since I did Pass Plus several years ago, shortly after passing my driving test.

The journey was fairly uneventful… I got on the motorway, overtook some people, got off the motorway and reached my destination. Not much else to report.

As I write today, I am in Worcester at my grandmother’s house. I’ve driven up here several times since the beginning of the year, but always on the A/B roads, not the M5 – until now: The weather today seemed good enough, and the traffic light enough, to give the motorway a go.

I’ve got a new toy for the car as well. Those little FM transmitter things which you plug in to your phone in order to play music from your phone over the car’s stereo system: I got one in Argos this morning.

It means I’m not just limited to listening to what’s on the radio or in the CD player. I can drive around and literally listen to ‘Radio Fred’. (What I was actually playing was a recording of a Radio 2 show which was on earlier in the week).

Also this weekend I met up with some of the other radio students. Technically, that’s a bit of a lie: none of them are students any more, and none of them have jobs in radio yet. We met up in Cheltenham and went to Nando’s.

It’s been so long since I last went to Nando’s (would have been just after graduation in November), that I had forgotten I normally go for Extra Hot: I accidentally went for Hot, and wondered why it wasn’t hot enough. Being in full time work now, my budget is bigger and I could easily afford a starter as well this time. So for starter I had pitta bread with hummus in a peri-peri drizzle!

I do enjoy weekends in which I do lots of different things. I do so much stuff outside of work, I have very little time sitting at home doing nothing these days. Just the way I like things.

It’ll be back to the office for another week at work tomorrow – but my trip to Munich is getting ever closer. Two weeks from now and I will be there. Which reminds me… I must get in touch with the cousin-of-some-description who lives in that direction. It’ll be a much needed break from the busy lifestyle I’ve developed – juggling a full time job with running a growing radio station, while also learning Greek and also wanting to visit several parts of Germany this year.

I think it’s nearly time to put the kettle on and make Granny a cup of tea, and serve it with some of the cake I bought in Tesco this morning…

Bye for now.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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