Day Out In the Car

Dad's Car

Since I started my new job at the beginning of December, I’ve been driving Dad’s car more and more. Most of the time it’s sharing the driving with Dad.

This week, with Dad not working, I’ve had the car to myself. I’ve quite enjoyed driving myself to and from work. It makes me feel very independent.

This afternoon, I borrowed the car once more and drove further than I have ever been before. I went up to Granny’s house near Worcester, to drop off the Christmas present I left at home earlier in the week.

I stuck to the A and the B roads this time – because although I have done motorway driving, it was just after I passed my test two years ago, and I wasn’t on my own… I’m saving tackling the motorway for another time.

Actually, I prefer driving on A/B roads than on motorways. There’s more for me to do! I found the M5 a bit boring.

I know the way when going on the motorway… but the non-motorway route is slightly more complicated. The route takes me in to Cheltenham, tacross the town and out past the race course. Then I head up to Bredon, up past Bredon’s Norton towards Pershore. Later, I drove the same route in reverse, calling in at my Aunt’s house in Bredon’s Norton on the way.

For navigation, I used sat nav. My phone’s in Greek – and the sat nav on my phone speaks Greek. It also works in kilometres and metres, not yards and miles.

I coped, and actually quite enjoyed driving around with the instructions being announced in Greek. I love the terminology it uses!

  • “Μετά 1 χιλιόμετρα, στον κυκλικό κόμβο, βγείτε στην 3η έξοδο.” (“After 1km, at the circular interchange, leave at the 3rd exit”).
  • “Ακολουθήστε την πορεία του δρόμου για 7 χιλιόμετρα.” (“Follow the course of the road for 7km”).

Back to normal on Monday as Dad’s back to work, so I’ll be sharing the car again.

But before too long I’ll find somewhere else to drive to… watch out Britain, I’m on my way!

Bye for now,


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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