2014: What A Year!

December has turned to January and 2015 has arrived. I slightly miss 2014, it’s been a good year. Here’s what I’ve been up to over the last 12 months…

January: Post Christmas and New Year blues lead to me booking a flight to Athens, and paving the way for a 6 week trip around Greece.

It’s Not Rocket Science broadcasts for the first time on 17. January.

February: Went on a day trip to London. Took a photo in the One Show Studio. Wasn’t allowed to take control of a BBC transmitter.

Ran for the position of President in the Students’ Union. Came 3rd… of 4.

Became a fully converted LBC listener after the station launched nationally. Became increasingly right-of-centre as a result of listening to too much Nick Ferrari, and through my dislike of James O’Brien / Larry Lamb.

March:  Did a week of Work Experience at the Heart newsroom in Bristol. Commuted by train from Cheltenham on a daily basis.

Went to a student party for the first time. Was very shocked at the drunken behavior of my classmates.

Caused a ‘bit of an incident’ during an edition of It’s Not Rocket Science. Something to do with a plane…

April: Became a political interviewer – not quite Paxman, but I’m catching up.

Went to London again to watch a recording of ‘Men About the House’ at the BBC Radio Theatre.

May: My last Tone Radio show 🙁 Completely screwed up the end of the show. Made a listener or two cry. Probably with a mixture of laughter and sadness.

Did Wychwood.

June: Did more Wychwood.

Went to Wales. Couldn’t understand the road signs. Didn’t offend any Welsh people.

Went to the deep end of the Thames… yet again. This time for a tour of Parliament.

Moved out of Cheltenham for good 🙁 But not before cooking a load of Greek food for all my friends. They couldn’t pronounce any of it then, and still can’t now. Probably.

July: Almost immediately after moving out of Chetlenham, I ran for the border and spent 6 weeks in Greece.

August: Was still in Greece, but was by this stage joined by my family.

Returned home, having spent all my money.

September: Started looking for a job. Didn’t get very far.

October: Spent 4 weeks in London, and did 4 weeks of Work Experience at BBC Radio 2’s Jeremy Vine Show.

Slept on a floor in my cousin’s flat during the week.

Slept in the spare bedroom in my grandparents’ bungalow at the weekend. Had my sleep interrupted by Grandma many times during the night. At least I was able to be sure she hadn’t gone walkabouts.

November: Back to Cirencester again. Continued looking for a job. Didn’t get much further.

Spent two days work shadowing at BBC Radio Gloucestershire.

Graduated from uni. Wore a silly hat in the process.

December: Got a job interview, then got the job. I now work for Plumbase Spares Central Distribution Centre in Fairford – immediately next door to the company where Dad works. I work in the Stock Control department.

Wore a Bah Humbug hat over Christmas.

Fell asleep on New Years’ Eve, at about ten to 2015. Woke up again at twenty past 2014.

And that brings us to today. What will 2015 bring? I don’t know… but let’s just say I’m already planning a return to Athens, and maybe one or two short weekend trips to Germany.

Happy New Year!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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