Not Watching Football

I am not with any of my friends at the moment. I’m at home. Alone. With an endless supply of Greek yoghurt.

The others are all watching the World Cup – Netherlands (Jelmer’s team) v Australia (Jamie’s team).

I don’t do football. I avoid watching it at all costs – even if that cost is that I can’t be with a group of friends.

I’m sure they’ll understand.

My TV schedule for the evening will involve Pointless, the BBC News at 6, Border Security on Sky Living, Tigers About the House on BBC 2 (and if you’ve missed any of that so far – it’s brilliant), Coast Australia, the BBC News at 10, and Paxman’s last Newsnight (I hear he’s going to interview Boris while on a bike tonight).

As my final 11 days in Cheltenham becomes 10 at midnight tonight, when I’m not reading a book about Greece, making plans for my Greece trip (I’ve booked a concert ticket and arranged Airport and Port transfers today), watching TV or listening to the radio, I can be found on the Alpha TV website watching my new favorite Greek TV show: 60′ Ελλάδα. Lots of documentaries which each week focus on a different region in Greece. Fascinating stuff. Thesprotia – my favorite Greek region – is there too.

I’m looking forward to yet another day trip to London on Saturday – this time for a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament. I’m looking forward to that – and friends who have been on it tell me it is a great experience. Why am I going to Parliament now? Simply because my student ID card is still valid, so I still qualify for the student discount!

I’m sort of multitasking while I write this blog. I’ve got Pointless on one screen, this blog on another…and a recipe book balancing on my knee. I’m debating whether or not I might bake something tomorrow. Either Foccacia bread, or baguettes, or bread rolls…or simply the pizza I’ve perfected ever since I learned the recipe in school 8 years ago and have baked from memory for the last 7 and a half years (having lost my copy of the recipe).

In need of more Greek yoghurt, I think I’m going to end this blog here.

Bye for now.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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