Corinium Radio – Update

The Summer broadcast from Cirencester’s Corinium Radio is fast approaching, and I thought now might be a good time to update you on what’s happening.

We’ll be on air on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July. You can view the schedule on the Corinium Radio website. OfCom has already confirmed our frequency as 87,7 FM.

The next few weeks will be quite busy for me as technician – there’s a studio to be set up, programmes to edit, and there’s always the constant need of keeping the website up to date.

If you’re not able to listen live, we’ll be making use of MixCloud to host recordings our programmes. The aim is that all our shows will be available via the MixCloud page within 7-14 days of the broadcast.

This is the first broadcast where we’ve chosen to use MixCloud in this way; previously I’ve only ever used it for hosting our podcasts. But in recent months I’ve been uploading various programmes from our November broadcast, creating an archive of Corinium Radio programmes. The plan is that soon I can upload programmes from previous years as well.

On the Corinium Radio website itself, I’ve now set up which will be the ‘hub’ of our Programme Archive. I’ve sort of modelled it on the system the BBC uses. So you can use the website to find tracklistings and details of programme content, I hope listeners will find it useful.

In terms of the programmes we’ll be making…

I’ve been the (self-declared) ‘controller’ of Corinium Radio’s overnight programmes for a couple of years, since we upgraded our computers to enable us to broadcast recorded programmes throughout the night. This year, I’ve enlisted the help of fellow broadcasters Harry and Cameron to help.

So as well as my now regular Early Breakfast Show, which goes out on both Saturday and Sunday (5am to 7:30am), Harry will be on air both days from midnight until 2, and Cameron from 2 until 5.

During the day, we’ll be broadcasting live from the Cotswold Show on both Saturday and Sunday. Now a highlight of our broadcast, we send a reporter up to interview the people attending the event. And for me as the technician, I always enjoy this show because of the technical challenges involved with doing Outside Broadcasts with nothing more than three or four mobile phones!

On Saturday evening my long running ‘Music from the Decades’ returns, and I’ve got a great selection of music this time. I’ve got everything from Robbie Williams to Billy Cotton, and Gotye to Teddy Johnson & Pearl Carr.

On Sunday, we’ll also be broadcasting an extended version of the Cirencester Charter Market documentary I made for my Radio Production course at uni. I was editing that a few days ago, and I don’t think it sounds too bad.


Please spread the word about the Corinium Radio broadcast – although I do this for fun, there’s no point if no one is going to listen!

And if you’re a local business looking to sponsor a programme, there’s still time! So e-mail us on to find out more.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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