A Day of Editing

As the time to go back to uni approaches, I’ve spent the afternoon editing the radio documentary that I’m making about the Cirencester Charter Market.

Its coming together quite nicely, and on target for the 6-8 minute target. I think there may even be a bit too much so I’ll have to speak to Johnny when I get back to uni on Monday to see what he thinks we can cut.

I’m actually making 2 versions of the documentary – one for the uni assignment which will be handed in along with BBC Compliance forms and which can be submitted to the BBC (our lecturer is hoping that BBC Radio Gloucestershire will broadcast a couple of the documentaries made by RAP students next month).

There will also be a longer version which can be used in my show during Corinium Radio‘s broadcast in July – because there are some things in the documentary which, whilst probably not suitable for a BBC programme, fit in perfectly with the style of programming heard on community stations.

The other assignment I’ve been working on this week is for RAP102 Writing & Researching for Radio. I’ve been coming up with an idea for a magazine programme. Not one I’ve got to make, I just need to write a short proposal for a magazine programme for either Tone Radio or a local community radio station (I, by the way, have chosen Corinium Radio), and cover what its about and what it may feature in the proposal.

Back to uni on Monday and my Tone show will return on Thursday night at 8 – so watch out for further news on Facebook and Twitter, and if your e-mail address is in my e-mail contacts then I’ll probably send you an e-mail reminding you to listen.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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