Christmas Over For Another Year

Christmas 2011 has now finished – New Year coming up next, and then things will (slowly) start getting back to normal.

We spent Christmas up in London this year with Dad’s sister’s family, which was good. We were actually meant to be staying somewhere else, but we arrived realized we didn’t have the key…

On Christmas Day morning I enjoyed listening to BBC Radio Gloucestershire’s Christmas Celebration, recorded at Gloucester Cathedral last week. In the afternoon we went for a walk in Oxleas Wood before meeting Grandma and Grandad and going to have Christmas dinner in the evening. And of course, we left some time aside for watching the Dr. Who Christmas special.

On Boxing Day afternoon we all went to the cinema to watch the new Sherlock Holmes film – ‘A Game of Shadows‘: not usually the type of film I’d choose to watch, but I enjoyed it. And then in the evening Mum cooked a Greek meal with many of our favorite dishes – Souvlaki (Σουβλάκι), Boureki (Μπουρέκι), Greek Salad (Χωριάτικη) and a couple of other things – whilst I played a selection of Greek and Cypriot music from my laptop.

We arrived home again last night – it took ages: the M25 was one big car park all the way round. Probably the only car park in the world, which it doesn’t take very long to find a parking space… and once your parked, you can’t get out of your car. 😀

New Year next weekend – I might decide to Celebrate New Year on Greek time so that I can go to bed at 10pm (they’re 2 hours ahead)… and at some point this week we’ve also got to go and see Mum’s side of the family… and then in about 3 weeks it’ll be back to uni.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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