First Week of Lectures

So this week was the first week of lectures at university – and the modules I started on Monday will be the ones I have every week up until Christmas.

After returning to Cheltenham on Monday morning, I had a P.A.S* Workshop on Monday lunchtime. It’ll be taking place each Monday lunchtime and will look at the skills I need in academic work – Harvard Referencing, how to approach writing an essay etc. All the types of things I’ll need to do throughout my three years at university which I haven’t done before – at least not on the same scale as university degree coursework!

My first actual lecture was part of a theory module – CRM101, all about Media and Creative Industries. It was fairly standard for the first lecture: an introduction to the module, with a plan for the next 24 teaching weeks (its a double module, so continues beyond Christmas). We were also shown the details of the assignments we’ll have to complete as part of the module – including a presentation, a written essay and an exam. It looked quite scary to me – but not impossible.

The other theory module I’m doing this term is POM105, about musical genres. The coursework for that is in the form of written essays, but broken down in to three lots of 1000 words, rather than one big 3000 word essay, so doesn’t actually look too bad.

I think my favorite modules this term will be the 2 academic ones: RAP102 and RAP110 – Researching & Writing for Radio/From Mic to Mix. One is more about putting together the content of the programme, how to approach doing research for interviews… while RAP110 looks more about the technical side of things – how to use the studio, using portable recording equipment. There’ll still be written work to do as part of the coursework… but rather than being in the form of an essay, it’ll be more of a case of justifying the decisions made to produce a particular radio feature, what equipment I’ve chosen to record with and why etc.

That seems more like the sort of thing I’m used to, having done BTEC Music Technology at college where a lot of the written work is based around me explaining how I’ve recorded a particular instrument and why I’ve done it in a particular way.

I’ve also got involved with the radio station of the Student Union – Tone Radio. That should be quite fun – doing weekly radio shows. I think I’ll be doing Thursdays 8pm to 10pm… so in the evening, where I have the freedom to play any music genre I want.

So week 2 starts tomorrow… and Tone Radio starts broadcasting this week as well, so listen out for me.

*P.A.S – Professional & Academic Skills


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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