Corinium Radio Weekend

Having just about recovered from the weekend of broadcasting at Corinium Radio, I’ve finally got round to updating this website!

Last weekend was Corinium Radio’s 10th broadcast, and the first time that we used Cirencester College as our studio base (broadcasting from opposite my IT teacher’s office felt a bit weird).

The higlights of the broadcast were the Live Acoustic Hour with Cameron and Harry, during which musicians of all ages played live in the studio. There were my own shows – Music from the Decades – which has become a regular part of Corinium Radio’s schedules – and the Early Breakfast Show, which I started producing last Summer when we got hold of some new computer software to enable us to schedule pre-records to play automatically/overnight.

But my favorite part of the broadcast was our OB from the Cotswold Show; I stayed at the studio with a laptop and a mobile phone plugged into the desk, while Tom and Liz went to the showground itself. And whilst it wasn’t perfect (mobile phone broadcasting never is), we did our job and got two great shows out of it.

I’ve really enjoyed being involved in the last 10 broadcasts (and for at least the last 5, I’ve been doing 6:30 in the morning until 11:30 at night on each day), and I will continue to be involved in the future; I’m off to uni in a couple of months – and whilst I’ll only be a bus ride away, I need to start thinking ahead to when I’m not going to be around at all (hopefully there’ll be a few more years before that). Over the Summer I’ll be organizing the newly set up technical sub committee so that there are people who know what they’re doing when I eventually do move on.

I’m off now – driving lesson later on and still got a few podcasts for the website to make. I’ll do another blog post soon. In the mean time, why not tune in to my show on Internet radio station – tomorrow morning at 11. I’ll also be posting links so that you can listen to some of my shows in the next couple of days.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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