UK Snow Reaches Cirencester

So the UK snow has now reached Cirencester, with the local weather maps showing snow for much of the day.

So far this winter we’ve been quite lucky here in Cirencester. We’ve had a couple of light dustings since November, but nothing that has done enough to put a stop to college.

Its not as deep as some of the stuff we had in January this year, but its deep enough to count as what I call “proper snow”. The type that causes disruption, and if no one can do anything, at least it looks good!

Whilst many people in the country have already broken up for the Christmas holidays, I can’t stop until Wednesday. On Monday, Mum and I are going to Cardiff for an applicant day at the University of Glamorgan‘s ATRiUM campus in Cardiff, where they had rather a lot of snow yesterday apparently. Hopefully we’ll get there! 😐

Tuesday and Wednesday will be in college – 3 hrs worth of German, and 2 hrs worth of IT and Music Tech. Hopefully, no one will be interested in working. I certainly won’t! 😉

And with only a week to go now until Christmas, we’ve still got to get a tree. Meanwhile, its not looking like the temperatures are going to get above freezing very soon.

Photo taken by myself. If you have any of your own which you’d like to see featured here, do e-mail me on

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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