Approaching Christmas 2010

We are now in the run up to Christmas 2010, meaning that it will soon be 2011.

A lot has happened this year…

I completed my AS levels and am now studying for A2 levels.

I am applying to university. So far, I’ve had interviews for University of Gloucestershire and Southampton Solent University. One gave me an offer, the other was unsuccessful.

Next week I’ll be visiting the University of Glamorgan in Cardiff. They have already given me an offer. Its not really an interview, more of an open day for applicants.

I have also been invited for an interview for another course at the University of Gloucestershire. The only trouble is, that its the same day as the only exam I have in January!

Away from college/unis, Corinium Radio reached the 9th broadcast in July. As well as hosting several editions of the Early Breakfast Show, I did lots of technical things and helped put together a live broadcast from the Cotswold Show. Most recently, we launched our brand new Podcast service last month. We will be uploading regular podcasts, each lasting an average of 15-20 minutes.

In August, I went on holiday (with the rest of my family, of course) to the Greek island of Crete. It was a lot warmer there than it is here now. If someone could arrange for some warm weather to visit Cirencester soon, please do so. Read about what I did/where I went.

Last week was my 18th birthday. After going to college and doing another of my online radio shows, I went out for a meal with Mum, Dad and my sister. Apparently, Mum has brought me some driving lessons (watch out if you’re driving on the roads of Cirencester 😉 2 people in my Music Tech class have had problems on the roads recently ).

Mum’s also arranged a little trip up to London, in order to visit the BBC 6 Music studios. She showed me a print out of an e-mail about it; it seems that we’ve had to get permission from someone (presumably the bosses): “They have suggested Fred sit in on the last hour of the show and then we do the tour from 7 till 8am. We could all then have coffee“! That would certainly be a good way to forget about college for a day, and something to look forward to after my January exam! 😀

Hopefully getting the Christmas tree this week. I’ll write again soon.

Auf wiedersehen/Γεια σας!

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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