Nearly Over (for Now)…

Last week, I wrote about how the exams were just about to start.

This week however, they’re nearly over.

In the last week I have had 3 exams – IT Applied, Geography and German. All were successful in my opinion.

In the IT exam, one of the questions which came up was on the Computer Misuse Act, a topic which we had discussed in class only the day before. I think I answered the question quite well as a result.

German and Geography were both on Friday, at 9am. I did the German one first. It was harder than I expected. However I don’t think I did badly. I managed to understand roughly what was being said on the CD, and in the writing section I managed to successfully write around 220 words.

After being supervised by an invigilator over lunch, I did the Geography exam. It was slightly easier than I was expecting, perhaps that’s because I’d revised the case studies well.

I was particularly pleased (and surprised) by my answer to a 15-mark question on coasts, where I wrote about the social and economic impacts of the Summer 2007 floods in Gloucestershire. Writing about this particular case study was much easier than trying to remember the River Ouze case study we’d done in class – partly because I remembered some statistics.

What I like about Geography is that anything counts as a case study, as long as you know the details and the theory behind it. I could just as easily have written about Boscastle or even last year’s Cumbria floods… so that’s 4 possible answers to one 15-mark question!

Also this week, I now have a new computer. Its much faster than my old one, so I can start it up in the morning and be on the Internet within minutes, before I’ve even gone downstairs for breakfast and come back up again!

My old computer was getting a bit old – I’ve had it since 2004, so that’s 6 years old! That should theoretically mean that the new one will last me until 2016… 😐

Last exam on Tuesday, and with the exception of 5 hours of Music Tech a week I have no more lessons until June 14.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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