Geography Exam Result

This week, I got the result for the Geography exam, which I sat in January.

I got a D, which is good as it means I’ve passed; its not like GCSE where a D isn’t very good.

If you’re not too familiar with the current school system in the UK, an AS level is a qualification on its own, which leads on to the A2 level to give the full A level.

In order to continue Geography at A2, I need at least a D. I’m not planning to take Geography onto the A2 at the end of this year, but I would like to get a grade that means I still have the option of doing so, just in case I fail one of my other subjects. 😉

I have one more Geography exam to do, which will be in the middle of May; that exam is worth 70% of the AS/35% of the A2. As well as the population topic which was in January’s exam, there will also be questions on rivers, coasts and health.

And my exam timetable this year will be nowhere near what I had last summer – even with the addition of the resit for this exam, I will have 4 written exams (2x Geog/1x ICT/1xGerman), plus the German oral; there are no exams in Music Tech or Journalism.

Last summer, I had roughly 19 exams!

Fred Hart

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