Interesting Weblinks: 12 March 2010

I got this idea from parts of the BBC Blog network; every few weeks they post some general web links to areas of the ‘net they think users would be interested in.

There are so many pages I find on the Internet most weeks – the majority of them are interesting, but completely useless and I can’t really write a blog post about them.

So, my version of the round-ups provided by the BBC Internet Blog. I’ll post something like this whenever I feel like it! There’s a lot today relating to the BBC – although sometimes I’ll post stuff from all over the place.

Firstly, Gordon Brown’s announcement that the Budget will be on 24 March has convinced most MPs that the general election will follow on 6 May. The BBC published the likely timetable to polling day:

Wednesday 7 April – Dissolution: MPs and peers stop sitting Parliament, but it continues to exist until it is formally dissolved, which is likely to happen at the end of the week after the traditional scramble by party bosses to see what legislation can be saved. After dissolution there are no longer any MPs, although ministers keep their jobs during the election campaign.

The BBC College of Journalism website has launched a series of videos in which BBC professionals talk openly and in detail about their jobs.

Last Thursday, BBC Radio Bristol producer Sophie Woodcock showed how she keeps the station on air and on track for three hours in the morning – you can watch the video here.

Meanwhile, Alec McGivan wrote on the About the BBC Blog about yesterday’s School Report project:

It’s been particularly rewarding for me to see the success of today as I remember the start of the project four years ago. To see over 700 schools taking part, a good rise on the 524 which took part last year, makes me feel especially proud and privileged to be a part of such an organisation. Next week, the focus shifts to Schools Question Time and the judging of the regional finals. It starts on Monday at Cator Park school in Bromley and ends in July when the winners get to broadcast their own Schools Question Time programme. I’m one of the judges and looking forward to it already!

And as Radio 2’s Get Connected campaign continues, a guide to Twitter appears on their website. Less than 3 days later, and presenter Alex Lester launches a new Twitter account.

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