First Exam of the Year

Yesterday I had my first exam of the year – Geography! So now I have got 30% of my AS level done – and 15% of the A2 done. The results won’t come in for a few months yet, but I don’t think I did badly 😐

There were two topics I had to revise – population and rivers. The first half of the exam was actually only going to be on one topic (we’re not meant to know what until we sit the exam).

Well… we got rivers. A good thing, because its the most recent topic covered in class. And a bad thing, because I didn’t do so well in the rivers mock paper compared to the population mock paper.

The second half of our exam was based on a fieldwork project. In my case, a trip to Cheltenham to study Studentification (its easier than it sounds).

Want to know what sort of questions we got?

Our actual exam paper won’t be published on the AQA website until this time next year, but you can see a specimen rivers paper here (its the mock paper I did in class at the beginning of the year)… or the actual exam paper on population, from January 2009 is available here (and this is also one I did in class, at the end of October).

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