Preparing for November’s Broadcast

The First BroadcastI write today shortly after sending in my programme application form for the Corinium Radio November 2009 broadcast… yes – even us regulars have to apply for airtime at Corinium Radio!

This Autumn’s broadcast takes place at the end of November and for the first time will be on over 4 days – from 5pm on Thursday 26 November to 9pm on Sunday 29th November.

I was at the committee meeting last night, and I suddenly realised how close the broadcast is. Only 8 weeks to go! That may seem like a long time, but because licenses have to be applied for and paid before the broadcast starts, thats not really much time to raise £1000. We’re probably over half way there by now. We’re not starting from scratch with 8 weeks to go!! In fact, the OfCom license has to be applied for by 6 weeks beforehand at the latest – we have about 2 weeks to go before that deadline.

One task that takes up a lot of time in the run up to the broadcast is putting together the schedule. No radio station works without one. That is what makes Corinium Radio unique to most other local radio stations (such as BBC Radio Gloucestershire or BBC London 94.9) – generally speaking, our schedule is different every day. In the run up to each broadcast, team members work hard to find programme ideas.

Now is the time our team needs ideas. So… if you are in the Cirencester area and are interested in making a radio programme for Cirencester people, why not fill in a programme proposal form and send it in to Corinium Radio!? You can find more information from No experience is necessary. You just need to be interested in your chosen topic/programme subject.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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