And to the College…

It was about 1997 when I started at primary school and was only May this year when I left secondary school and today I finally got the result of roughly 12 years of education.

I am, of course, referring to my GCSEs, which I have been studying for since September 2007 (although technically, I started by learning to read in September 1997). After 2 years of working (sort of) hard, within about 3 minutes of turning up at school this morning (it should have been earlier but I started talking to some friends), I knew my final grades!

I think my grades are quite good – some might say that they’re not brilliant; my C grades in English Lang. & Lit. only just gets me into the college. But English Lang. is possibly my biggest improvement – going from an E, in the mock, to a C.

Another subject that surprised me was graphics. Its not a subject I was particularly interested in – but at Deer Park, all pupils have to do a design subject at GCSE. My mock grade was a D and my final grade has gone up to a C. Even the D in the mock was a surprise to me, so a C after the final exam is even better!

In both Maths and Science, I have done enough to move on – I got a C in both Maths and Additional Science; and a B in Core Science.

My highest grade was that of my favourite subject: German is the only subject in which I accieved an A! I am really pleased with this 🙂 – mainly because my revision technique for this particular subject consisted of sitting at the computer with a packet of biscuits and my computer tuned to a German radio station… to be honest, I probably got more out of visiting Cologne and listening to the radio and/or reading German roadsigns than I did by turning up at lessons and top-up sessions twice a week (but don’t tell Miss I said that)!

So… where next?*

*Read the title of this blog post and you’ll get the answer – I’m not saying anything about which one though until I’ve finished there 😉

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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