Enchantment: A Magical Evening of Stories & Songs

Acoustic GuitarI write today’s blog post after attending yet another fundraiser for Corinium Radio. However, last night’s wasn’t the usual quiz or skittles night. Instead, Corinium Radio booked the theatre at New Brewery Arts in Cirencester to host Enchantment: A Magical Evening of Stories and Songs.

The show opened at 7:30pm and started with Chlöe of the Midnight Storytellers, who told 45 minutes of stories. They were a wide range of stories; the opening and closing story both had a local theme to them, and there were also stories coming from as far away as Scotland!

Chlöe was once a member of the Corinium Radio team, having presented several programmes during the first and second broadcast and telling some of her stories on air so it was great that we had support from her again to help us raise some money towards the 8th broadcast.

The second part of the evening featured local folk music, presented by Tinkerscuss – featuring sisters Bryony and Erin Holden from Bourton-on-the-Water, plus Kathryn Wheeler of Gloucester. Their music is very misleading, with songs featuring “dark” storylines hidden by the relaxing music of guitars and other acoustic instruments.

At the end of the evening, a prize draw was held in aid of the Cotswold Owl Rescue Trust, a charity run by Bryony and Erin… I did’t win anything, but I’m sure they managed to get some money that many charities find so hard to get in the current economic climate.

Overall, I enjoyed the evening: Chlöe’s stories were (as ever) very good and in some places funny. Tinkerscuss’ music was very good as well; I had been looking forward to watching them perform live after the performed a couple of tracks live on Corinium Radio’s “Ctrl Alt Del: The Shutdown Show” last week. However I wonder what happened to the advertised special guest Tim Oakes on hang drum?

Proceeds went to Corinium Radio and the money raised will assist us in applying for and paying the licenses for an 8th broadcast.

The image used was created by Flickr member “oneilkwangwanh” and has been used under a Creative Commons License.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer


  1. Hi fred. Our songs are not misleading!! We tell em’ as they are .. ‘Honeyed venom’ I think was one description, but at least our songs have a message unlike “She loves you yeah! yeah! yeah!” or “take me higher” or “Hurts like a knife” I could go on but I’d end up describing most popular music. Tim Oakes never turned up because he thought he was playing a long set of music which we did not have time for. He was asked to provide ambient music during the time when people arrived and took thier seats. He was made aware of this from the onset but he obviously changed his mind on the day. Never mind! nobody died… (Except in some of the songs 🙂 Overall we think everybody had a great evening as we filled the place making the radio station some money, shame one of the directors of NBA didn’t like it and wont have us back … His loss not ours!! … Take care Fred …..

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