Torchwood: The Children of the Earth

Torchwood: The Children of the Earth

Like many other thousands of people accross the United Kingdom, I have spent 1 hour of the last 5 nights sat infront of BBC 1 to watch the latest Torchwood series. This time, there were 5 parts which made up 1 story: “The Children of the Earth”.

If you haven’t watched any of the episodes yet, then you may wish to do so now on the BBC iPlayer. I am going to be discussing some of the events in today’s blog post which you may not understand otherwise.

The series ended last night with: “Day 5” which helped us understand some of the events of 1965, when Captain Jack Harkness handed 12 children over to the 456. It is also in this series that we learn what the 456 really want with 10% of the planet’s children.

Following the death of Ianto Jones, Gwen Cooper is left on her own to save the future of the human race. Assisted by husband Rhys Williams she tries to save the 19 children in the care of Rhiannon Davies – sister of Ianto.

There are some interesting changes in character in this final episode as well. After hearing what the British Government has been planning, Johnson switches sides and assists Captain Jack in defeating the 456.

We also hear Prime Minister Brian Green‘s intentions regarding the family of government minister John Frobisher… It is interesting that we hear nothing from him after hearing 4 gunshots from the room of his house in which the 4 family members are hiding.

Near the end we also hear that Frobisher’s PA, Bridget Spears has got hold of the “contact lenses”, and recorded all the decisions made by the government with the intention of releasing them to the public. They were the lenses previously worn by Spears’ PA, Lois Habiba.

It would appear that Torchwood as we know it has died. As we know however, Captain Jack can’t die… it was even mentioned in a Dr. Who episode that he will be known as “The Face of Bo” in the future, so we know that Captain Jack has a long time to go yet!

I the BBC has set it up to be possible to bring back a couple of members of this week’s Torchwood cast – maybe in a future Torchwood series, maybe in a future Dr. Who series. Maybe one of them has been set up to become a future member of Torchwood or a future sidekick to The Doctor.

We will just have to wait and see.

The image used is taken from the Torchwood Image Gallery. It is available to download for free. The use of the image on this webpage does not represent an endorsement of this post by the BBC.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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  1. Of course there must be more Torchwood – remember how many times it is referred to in the episodes of Dr Who, and visited (cybermen vs daleks episode), and Rose is working there in her ‘parallel universe’ anyway.

    I live in hope, let’s face it, anything can happen …….

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