Greek Connexion

If you have read the page about my Greek lessons (click here to do so) then you will be aware that I have been designing a website for Linda, my Greek teacher who is also a member of the Corinium Radio team.

Last night we finally got round to buying the domain name and web space (using Krystal Hosting, the same company I use to host this site) and the home page went live just after 11:40 this morning.

The site is very simple at the moment (just one page) but that isn’t a bad thing – we are looking into the possibility of adding a couple of photos and possibly more pages. At the moment though, one page is all that is needed to get the information accross in a clear and easy way.

The new site is available at and on it you will find some basic information about Greek classes in the Cirencester area and what they involve. Most importantly… how you can attend yourself!

Send me your comments on the page. Have I done enough to make getting a website for Greek Connexion worthwhile? What information would you want if you were finding out about learning Greek in the Cotswolds?

To send me your comments simply reply to this post, or send an e-mail to

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer