Abuse of 999

Here’s an interesting article that I found on the BBC Radio Cornwall website. Its about how those who abuse 999 are putting lives at risks.

“Recent calls asked for paramedics to clear snow from a drive, pick up pet food and transport people’s clothes.”

Do people not get the point of the 999 service? Its there for an emergency. Picking up pet food isn’t what I would call an emergency. Because of the recent snow, the number of 999 calls went up by 20%: I wonder how many of those calls were abusing the 999 service!

Basically… I’m posting this with the same message that the South Westtern ambulance service has. And just because your local ambulance service may not be in the South West, it still applies to you!

Think twice before dialling 999.

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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