Website Statistics for February

First day of the new month so time to see yet another impressive set of statistics for this website.

It is worth pointing out that the statistics only focus on the main site ( and does not include statistics about subdomains (such as for German meda, or for Itzehoe, or for web design).

So then… in February 2009 the site had 127 unique visitors who visited a total of 310 times. That is an average of each person visiting the site 2.44 times this month.


The number of unique visitors visiting the site per day in February has dropped slightly since January, and I can’t see any particular patterns. The highest number of unique visitors was 24, which was achieved on February 19th 2009. The lowest was 4 on February 15th 2009. To see the full graph, please click here.

International Hits

It is interesting to see where my international hits are coming from (a hit is counted each time a page is loaded/viewed etc). UK hits are the highest at 11289 hits, while the Russian Federation and South Korea each have 1 hit to the site.

To view the full list, please click here.

Most Viewed

The 5 most viewed pages/documents are:

Internet Browsers

89.6% of visitors to this website in February 2009 were using Mozilla Firefox, 7.2% used Internet Explorera and 0.1% were using Safari.

Search Terms

The top 5 search terms which directed users to this site were:

  • Pirate Johnnie Walker
  • Fred Hart
  • Pirate Johnny Walker
  • Greek Connexion
  • radio

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Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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