Silverstone Classic: Enjoyable Weekend of Racing

Last weekend I enjoyed a day trip to Silverstone to visit – for the first time – the Silverstone Classic.

With a 12 hour track schedule it turned out to be a very entertaining day and the weather was not as bad as I had expected.

What I loved about the Classic was being able to move about the site and enjoy the action from different perspectives (including the Grandstands, accesss to which was free). I particularly enjoyed watching from the Grandstand at Club Corner, where a seat during the Formula 1 Grand Prix could cost at least £500 if not more.

Being able to access the garages and the see the cars lining up in the paddock before going out on track offered a unique perspective too – Loved it – Especially the smell of petrol and oil!

The noise was so loud, as cars raced around the track. It’s something which doesn’t come across when you watch racing on TV – just how loud it actually is. I didn’t mind it though.

While I was at Silverstone two torrential short sharp downpours caused 2 races to be red-flagged; The penultimate race of the day was stopped after a number of cars came off the track within view of where I was sitting. Saw some great overtakes from the stands too.

Definitely an event to go to again – Not just something to watch on TV – Watching motorsport is so much fun!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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