Kew Gardens

I picked the right day for a day out today!

This week’s road trip took me to Kew Gardens; In the Covid-19 era that meant I had prebooked my ticket last night, for entry between 13:00-13:15.

I set off just after 10:30, filled up with petrol, and in light of various M4 closures I took the A40-M40-M25-M4 route (sat nav taking me off the A40 and round the South side of Oxford to rejoin the A40 to the East of Oxford – to avoid traffic). On the way back went out through Richmond on to the M3 and got on the M4 after going through Bracknell.

If I had known the weather was going to be so good I’d have put shorts on!

My favourite part of Kew Gardens was the Mediterranean Garden – felt like being in Greece. I had lunch there (chicken and chips, nice and simple), and took a few minutes sitting in the Secluded Garden after lunch to digest.

…and apart from while ordering my food in the restaurant, not a mask in sight. Some sort of normality at least!!


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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