My 2020 Holidays Are Booked!


What a cold weekend this is!

I’ve discovered that I’ve lost the scraper for my car. I think my blue parking disc (a very European thing to have in the car) has one edge which can double up as a scraper though, so maybe I’ll try that tomorrow morning.

With 2020 now well under way I’ve more or less booked all my holidays for the year ahead – the first one in just a couple of weeks time when I go to Greece: to stay in the cities of the North (Ioannina and Kastoria). I’ll be flying to Athens from Heathrow then renting a car, so that’s a fair bit of driving.

Country to Country in London in March – just about sorted.

In June I’m off to Germany – the rough plan is to go to Frankfurt, then Itzehoe, then Berlin. Only trouble is I’ve not told any of the people I’m going to visit yet… Should do!

July – A week in Greece – flying to Athens then renting a car and driving to the Peloponnese for a few days to visit Mum and Dad. When they fly back I’ll return to Athens (but keep the car) and do some sight seeing in the region which surrounds Athens (Attiki).

After that I’ve got a bit of a wait as December will be my next holiday – I’ve booked a few days off in December (my birthday and the weekend before it).

Although I’ve yet to decide where I’m going to go, I’d either be looking at somewhere in the German-speaking world – Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein or Austria all have appeal – or maybe I’ll go further South in Europe (Greece, Cyprus). I’ve been to Greece for my birthday before and the weather hasn’t been too bad (although a little cold at times). But I’ll tackle that closer to the time.

Off to enjoy what remains of my weekend.


Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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