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It was a busy weekend last week. I had planned a quiet weekend at home while Mum and Dad were away, but it didn’t quite work out like that.

Cotswold Airport in Kemble was hosting its first ‘Open Day’ – Vintage & Wartime Rally. With tickets only £5 I went along to see what it was all about. There were planes, lots of vintage cars, people in World War 2 costume, making it an interesting day out. You’ll see my photo gallery below: There were lots of interesting cars there too but it felt a bit wrong to photograph them while the owners were sitting inside them!

For a first event it wasn’t bad, although perhaps not much going on, outside the main scheduled events. The queues for food were quite long so for next year’s event I will consider taking my own packed lunch. Getting out of the car park was also a nightmare: It took me over an hour to get from where I had parked the car, to the exit on to the main road – which is about 3 times longer than the journey home itself! Still, could have been worse. At least there was something decent to listen to on the radio.

I got home late in the afternoon to find Mum and Dad had left some bits behind. So – with nothing in particular planned for the evening, I was in the car not more than an hour later, driving up to Surrey. Late on a Saturday night it was a clear run so I was there within 2 hours. I dropped their bits off at their do in Bletchingley before going to a nearby pub (the Bletchingley Arms) for my own dinner. I then returned to my hotel – the closest I could get to them was the Travelodge just outside Redhill.

The following morning I joined them for breakfast in Bletchingley. Travelodge’s breakfast box was a bit disappointing! We went for a walk around the lakes and marshes near Nutfield; I’d seen the sign to the country park earlier on, and as we wanted to walk after breakfast before getting in the car, it seemed like a good option. It was very muddy though!

During the afternoon we drove in to London to visit Grandma at her care home, and to visit both of Dad’s sisters. It gets a bit complicated driving in to London in 2 cars: We take different routes, one of us would get stuck in traffic, and we’d arrive at different times!

Still, by the time we made it home – having been stuck on the M25 most of the evening – we were only about 5 minutes apart from each other, so that wasn’t too bad…

Bye for now.


Cotswold Airport Photo Gallery

Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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