Before Breakfast…

The Telegraph today has an article on ‘14 things successful people do before breakfast‘.

So how successful am I then?

Well, among these 14 things is…

  • Waking up early – apparently 90% of business executives rise before 6am. My alarm is at 05:55am. Does this make me successful?
  • Drink water instead of coffee – I’ve heard before how water helps your metabolism. I drink water more than anything else (not really in to tea and coffee so I stick to water at work) but tend not to have a drink at breakfast time. Maybe I’m not that successful after all…
  • Check your e-mail – Yes, Normally something I do very early on.
  • Read the news – Yes – I do that, as well as listening to the opening minutes of Nick Ferrari on LBC and watching a bit of BBC Breakfast. Surely this makes me successful!

But there are somethings on the list which you won’t ever catch me doing!

  • Exercise – No thanks!
  • Work on a top-priority business project – When I’m at home, I’m not working. Home time is my time.
  • Make your bed – The cat’s already taken up residence. This is not an option.
  • Meditate to clear your mind – Meditation? Not me.

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Fred Hart

Stock Controller and Radio Presenter/Producer

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